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Why are these films timely? Why take time not only to watch them, but to reflect on and discuss them? The answer is that our time and culture are more confused than ever about sex, and misinformation abounds in the popular media. People who hold traditional views on dating, sex, and sexuality are made to feel embarrassed by them, as though they were clinging to the belief that the earth is flat.

The truth is something altogether different. As these films make clear, there are compelling philosophical arguments for monogamy and traditional marriage, and social science backs them up. Sex has meaning and consequences – some of them unintended, as described by a look carefully at the economics of sex. Perhaps more importantly, there are compelling emotional connections: monogamy and traditional marriage still resonate within the human heart, fulfilling some of our deepest human longings. They are still good because though the times have changed, our human nature has not.

We hope you enjoy these films and that they leave you with a lasting impression, something that keeps running on repeat in your mind long after you’ve watched them.

Kevin E. Stuart, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture