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We're pleased to announce the release of our most recent research project the Relationships in America survey!  We asked a nationally representative sample of 15,738 adults ages 18-60 questions about their families, marriages, and relationship histories.

The survey was designed to provide a broad overview of the social forces that shape American society, as well as to document trends that affect individual and familial well-being.  As such it asks respondents about a wide variety of human-interest topics, from their participation in religious services and religious beliefs, to questions about their attitudes regarding marriage, divorce, cohabitation, and other family forms, to specifics about sexual behavior, abuse, and domestic violence.

Since the project is wide in its scope—with lots of diverse questions germane to families, relationships, sexuality, and religion—we chose to organize this summary report in a unique manner. Instead of summarizing what we learned about one general area, we present each section as a question that addresses the unifying themes of that section. As such, the sections (or questions) can stand alone, and we encourage readers to skip around and pay attention to those most interesting to them, or most relevant to their work or area of study. The table of contents contains the questions that guide each of the sections of the research and that should help guide the reader to the topics that interest them the most.  We hope you enjoy reading the report.

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