Our goal is to seek the truth and to do it together along side the best scholars. During the school semester, we host seminars for undergraduate and graduate students at UT-Austin as well as the Austin community. Over the summer, we hold seminars on issues of human meaning and flourishing designed for high school students.


Each semester, we host 3-4 week-long seminars with a scholar from the University of Texas at Austin just north of UT's campus in our lovely home, Stumberg Hall.


We examine a range of issues discuss questions on the topic of human relationships, the moral life, and social problems we face.


The Austin Institute and the Salem Center for Policy at the University of Texas at Austin have come together to bring you Engaging Orthodoxy, a speaker series that brings in scholars from across the country to speak on the implications of their research on policy. The program is founded by our own Professor Mark Regnerus.

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We have discovered first-hand and the social science shows that having friends and knowing how to be a good friend are fundamental for us to live good lives and to have strong marriages.

We will go for half-day hiking trips, have dance lessons, enjoy evenings with live music, and more. You are welcome to invite your friends and your significant other along to enjoy the good life!

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The Undergraduate Fellows Program at the Austin Institute accompanies undergraduate students at the University of Texas at Austin in their development and growth as fully-formed adults. Our program is designed for non-conforming students who want to ask bigger questions—students who know there should be more to college than preparing for a job and more to life than work and screen time.

What does it mean to be human? This question is more important than ever in our frenzied age of materialism, unbridled technological advancement, and moral upheaval.


High school students who have finished their sophomore or junior years are invited to participate in a highly-interactive, week-long seminar that plumbs the depths of the human person.


Explore CanaVox, a cheerful marriage movement that offers reading groups to friends who support the historic understanding of marriage.​