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Jessica Bates v. Pakseresht Amicus Curiae

Jessica Bates, a devout Christian and mother of five children, is challenging the decision of the Oregon Department of Human Services to deny her request to expand her family. This legal case has prompted inquiries into the criteria used by the state's adoption and foster care systems to determine parental eligibility. At the heart of the matter is the concern that state and federal officials may be overstepping their bounds by attempting to regulate parental practices based on protected religious and ideological beliefs.


Dr. Mark D. Regnerus, President of the Austin Institute, Dr. Catherine R. Pakaluk and Dr. Joseph Price, fellows of the Austin Institute, and Dr. Loren D. Marks have collectively filed an "Amicus curiae" brief in support of Bates' case. This brief questions the evidential foundation of the case, specifically scrutinizing the research conducted by "The Trevor Project" and the "Family Acceptance Project." Additionally, it raises concerns about the potential infringement on First Amendment rights resulting from the state's influence in family matters.


To read the Amicus Curiae filed for the case of Jessica Bates v. Pakseresht, click here.

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