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The Austin Institute has an immediate opening for an intern.


- Undergraduate or Graduate Student;

- Excellent writing skills;

- Willingness to work flexible hours;

- Interested both in intellectual formation and the good life more broadly;

- Austin resident.


In general, our interns contribute to the full range of activities of the Austin Institute. In particular, and throughout the year, they help the staff in: 

- Drafting and scheduling e-mail campaigns and other promotional material (on and off social media);

- Promoting and setting up our events, activities, and programs;

- Reaching out to other students and groups, on and off campus;

- Planning new events and activities that might speak to the true needs of UT students;

- Recording, editing, and promoting our podcasts and/or our YouTube videos.

Based on their skills and background, interns may also help us in research focused activities or on the policy front. During the spring, they become extremely relevant in the organization and promotion of our High School Summer Seminar. 


Starting ASAP and going through the summer of 2022. Possible renewal for the fall semester/ongoing.


- Excellent, fresh coffee (and lots of free snacks!);

- Use of the Austin Institute's home near campus for private study/reading;

- Privileged access to our speakers and senior fellows; 

- Influence/input on the programs/content/schedule of the fall;

- flexible schedule;

- Mentorship by scholars and staff members Dr. Kevin Stuart and by Dr. Marianna Orlandi.

Email your CV to Dr. Orlandi at:

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