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The Austin Institute Research Review

A summary of the most Important Research on Family and Culture 


How do I find the right spouse?

What makes for a happy and healthy sexual life?

What makes marriages last?

Gottman observed "Four Horsemen of the apocalypse" when it comes to relationships doomed to fail. They are defensiveness, stonewalling, criticism and contempt. Healthy couples on the other hand are that because of one crucial factor: friendship. Preserving fondness and admiration for your partner is crucial for maintaining a successful relationship. Couples maintain this friendship by creating "a dynamic that keeps their negative thoughts and feelings about each other (which all couples have) from overwhelming their positive ones."

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work 

What makes a happy family?

Human Sexuality

The Austin Institute's Sexuality and Gender Guide is a comprehensive guide to the research on homosexuality and transgender-ism. For a more in depth list of questions and answers, this is the place to go. We've selected a brief list  of highlights from our guide here. 

Are Non-Heterosexuals "Born That Way"?

The research appears to show that there can be a genetic predisposition to being homosexual but that this is not biologically determined. Rather it appears that a combination of life experiences and genetic predispostion 

What does the research say about Transgenderism?

The Good Life: The Substance of Human Happiness

What Makes People Happy?

Tim Carney observed 4 things that came up as a part of the happiest Americans.


How Does Sex Education affect kids?

What Kinds of Education are Best for Child Formation?

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