An Institute for Family and

Culture in the Heart of Texas

COVID Response: All in-person and/or online programming will adapt with the most current health guidelines.
  • Lecture: What We Think of Abortion: Irreconcilable Differences? with Professor Christopher Kaczor
    Apr 23, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    University Catholic Center, 2010 University Ave, Austin, TX 78705, USA
    In the words of Charles Camosy, “placing oneself on either side of the typical polarizations — pro-life vs. pro-choice, liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican — only serves to further confuse the debate and limits our ability to have fruitful dialogue.”
  • Latinos and the Future of Conservatism
    Apr 20, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
    Austin, 901 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701, USA
    How can conservatives win with Latinos, given the demographic reality that in many cases they can't win without them? Join us and Texas Public Policy Foundation for a special panel conversation featuring one of our fellows, Dr. Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo.
  • Seminar: Religion and Science: Friends or Foes? with Professor Robert Koons
    Mar 23, 7:00 PM – Apr 13, 8:30 PM
    Stumberg Hall, 3206 Fairfax Walk, Austin, TX 78705, USA
    Join our seminar series with our A.I. fellow, Dr. Robert Koons, as we explore the compatibility and potential conflicts between Faith and Science!
  • Divided We Fall
    Jan 29, 1:00 PM – Apr 09, 2:00 PM
    Physical Location TBD
    The two books we are reading offer hypotheses about what truly lies at the root of our contemporary polarizations, with the implicit or explicit goal and hope of renewing civil dialogue.

Each semester we host compact seminars 3-4 weeks long just north of UT's campus. We examine a range of issues and questions from moral problems to technology and relationships.


Each month we host a free dinner near UT with a guest presenter, interesting people from business, non-profit, university life, or ministry. These are intentionally small gatherings and we open the table for questions and conversation.


Tackling significant questions in economics, bioethics, or sexuality, we host lectures and debates from a range of viewpoints and with speakers from Austin and all over the US. Big ideas are welcome!


With scholars and students from across the country, each summer we host seminars for high school and college students exploring questions fundamental to human life and flourishing.