Modern Family: Division of Labor, Perception and Reality

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A 2007 Pew Research poll found that sharing household chores was the third most important factor for a happy marriage, with 62% of adults reporting that sharing household chores was very important to having a successful marriage. Only fidelity and a good sex life ranked higher. Sharing chores ranked higher than compatible interests, political beliefs, and even adequate income. But as ... Read More »

Permanent Sterilization in the US

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Permanent Sterilization Decisions Among Adults in the US Permanent sterilization is a common method of permanent contraception with highly effective options available to both men and women.  While no contraceptive method except abstinence completely eliminates the risk of unwanted pregnancy, vasectomy, tubal ligation, and other forms of permanent contraception are at least as effective in preventing pregnancy as hormonal or ... Read More »

Relationships in America Survey Report Release


We’re pleased to announce the release of our most recent research project the Relationships in America survey!  We asked a nationally representative sample of 15,738 adults ages 18-60 questions about their families, marriages, and relationship histories. The survey was designed to provide a broad overview of the social forces that shape American society, as well as to document trends that ... Read More »

Ask a Data Scientist–Age Differences Between Couples


Dear Reader, Here at the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture we think good data is very important.  Too often on the subject of family we see news stories or editorials that end up being more heat than light because they aren’t properly contextualized. While emotion and personal experience are important in shaping the way that we ... Read More »

Is Domestic Violence on the Rise in America?


    Recently, the NFL has been in the spotlight for issues of domestic violence and child abuse, with incidents involving both Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, among others. It seems that domestic violence in the media is on the rise, but we were interested to know whether or not Americans’ experiences with domestic violence has increased. The data we ... Read More »