Open to the general public, these seminars are a forum for discussing both timely questions of culture and long-standing problems relating to living well. They are a search for meaning with the assumption that a community of learners offers a different approach than solitary reading, however fruitful. 

Taught by university educators, seminars follow a range of issues related to family and culture. The open-table format provides for both direction from the seminar leader and participation from the larger group. 

Seminars are usually held in the evening at Stumberg Hall, home of the Austin Institute, and snacks and refreshments are provided. 


  • Spring 2020 Events Forthcoming
    Wed, Jan 22
    3206 Fairfax Walk
    Jan 22, 2020, 7:00 PM
    3206 Fairfax Walk, 3206 Fairfax Walk, Austin, TX 78705, USA

Previous topics and educators include:

  • Going Local
    Dr. Bethany Hebbard

  • Technology and Human Persons
    Dr. Ryan Womack

  • Cheap Sex Reading Group
    Dr. DeAnn Stuart and Dr. Ryan Womack

  • Seminar: "Tocqueville on the Democratic Soul" with Dr. Dana Stauffer
    Stumberg Hall
  • Seminar: "Lost in the Cosmos: On Sadness, Laughter, and the Self" with Dr. Ryan Womack
    Stumberg Hall
  • Seminar: "Friendship in the Classical and Christian World: A Seminar on Aristotle and Aquinas" with Dr. Erik Dempsey
    Stumberg Hall
  • Cracking the Dating Code: A Compact Seminar for Emerging and Young Adults
    Stumberg Hall
  • Compact Seminar: "Work and Play: The Problem and Promise of Leisure" with Sneha Tharayil and Kirsten Hall
    Stumberg Hall
  • Compact Seminar: "Craft and Culture: Practicing Virtue in an Automated World" with Dr. Bethany Hebbard
    Stumberg Hall
  • Compact Seminar: Heidegger's Being and Time
    Stumberg Hall
  • Compact Seminar: Benedict and Other Options
    Stumberg Hall, 3206 Fairfax Walk
  • Compact Seminar: Truth and Lies (Jan. 30-Feb. 20)
    Stumberg Hall
  • Compact Seminar: "Technology and Human Persons" with Ryan Womack
    Stumberg Hall
  • Compact Seminar: "Going Local" with Dr. Bethany Hebbard
    Stumberg Hall, 3206 Fairfax Walk
  • "Cheap Sex" Reading Group
    3206 Fairfax Walk


For more information, contact Dr. DeAnn Stuart, temporary director of academic programming, at

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Stumberg Hall

3206 Fairfax Walk

Austin, TX 78705